Possible NBA superteam being built in Cleveland?



With the crushing loss in this year’s NBA finals, it seems only fitting that the Cavaliers would go out immediately after and look to add another superstar like Paul George or Jimmy Butler. If they are going to be able to compete with them next year they are going to have to do exactly what they did and stack that lineup with as many threats as possible. Right now the Cavaliers are pretty lackluster in comparison to the Warriors when you see KD, Curry, Klay, Draymond, and Iggy I guess. So for them to add a threat, hopefully Butler rather than Paul George, would enable them to actually win more than one measly fucking game in the NBA finals. As good as Lebron is, and I believe he is one of the top 5 players to ever play the game already, he cannot carry a team in the league in today’s day and age. No one can. Curry has always had help. The Spurs are the Spurs. Dirk had help and as did Kobe. Its just the way it goes, and yes they have Kyrie Irving but Kevin Love is washed up and a wildly inconsistent shooter to consider one of your “Big 3”. So you’re left with JR who seems to show up when he wants to and I cant help but root for you regardless and Tristan Thompson. Thompson can be an absolute beast down low so as a big man I dont mind him at the 5. With all of these thoughts swirling I can’t stop myself from picturing the scoring frenzy that could occur with a starting lineup of; Kyrie Irving, JR Smith, Jimmy Butler, LeBron James, and Tristan Thompson…damn. Maybe over/under for round 4 in the 2018 NBA Finals of 280? 285? It could be very interesting to see how the Cavaliers make their trades but I know K Love is gone and a can’t help but hope the door hits him on the way out. Hopefully next they can work on not having fucking Deron Williams and Richard Jefferson out there in the 4th quarter of a game 5, win or go home game. Just a crazy fucking thought I had. This could be the super team that LeBron needs to finally win another title because as we all know and as he stated he’s never really played for a super team, not even in Miami! I know! I thought that was a superteam too but apparently not. Not even Cleveland was considered one. Now I hate the Warriors even more for inventing the damn super teams! But now King James can make a run and finally get back the title, there is hope in this world. I don’t know about you but I’m fired up to see what next for the NBA. -( . )

ESPN using Joe Mixon to get views for a pointless article

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ESPN– Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon is one of 40 players who will attend the NFL Players Association’s Rookie Premiere event later this week in Los Angeles. The players’ union released the list of participants, which also includes Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, on Monday.

The event takes place Thursday through Saturday and will help the rookies “learn the business of football,” according to the NFLPA’s announcement.The Bengals have been criticized for using the 48th overall draft pick on Mixon, who was shown on camera punching a woman in the face and fracturing her jaw during his freshman year at Oklahoma in 2014. Mixon, who recently settled his civil suit with the woman, was considered a first-round talent but slid to Day 2 of the draft.

I hope, when initially reading this article, you are as disgusted with ESPN as I am. They are literally writing about a rookie event in which over 40 rookies are attending, including the SECOND OVERALL PICK. But now, they dont put Mitchell’s name in the headline, they put Joe Mixon’s just so they can bring up the off-field issues he has had in the past. Get the fuck outta here, he has been harassed by every outlet known to man and still overcame that adversity to be drafted very highly. Now you’re gonna continue to bring up this stain on his record time and time again? What the fuck is the point in that? Picking up some view? Well I hope people think like I do and see you for the piece of shit you’re being ESPN. How would you like it if everytime you were mentioned it was accompanied with a reminder of every Curt Schilling tweet or Neil Goldberg story or ESPN frat house story orgy…? Yea the list goes on and you’re no fucking saint either. You could have started this with “2nd Overall Pick Attends Rookie Premiere” but no, you wanted to use Joe Mixon’s name to pick up some curious views and have some easy content to write about. Fuck that. Shame. Shame, Shame ESPN.     -( . )

LaVar Ball has almost dug a hole to China


SourceLaVar Ball says he wouldn’t seek any advice for his son Lonzo Ball, a top NBA draft prospect, from retired Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant.

“I don’t need no advice from Kobe Bryant,” LaVar Ball said Thursday on the Keyshawn, Jorge and LZ Show on ESPN Radio 710 LA. “I don’t need advice from Kobe Bryant. Zo’s got to play his game.

“If they’re at practice and he sees something and Lonzo listens to him or whatever, he’s good. … But it’s just not, ‘OK, I’m talking to Kobe, so now I’m going to be good.’ If Kobe sees something that Zo is doing, then go from there. But I’m not trying to pattern after nobody.”

This guy never ceases to amaze me. I think he might actually believe that he IS Lonzo. That HE is the one getting drafted and HE is the one that will be crushing it in the NBA. There’s no other explanation for how much he is sabotaging his son’s career. He says he doesn’t need help from Kobe Bryant but he may need help from an English tutor cause he can’t even speak properly. On top of that, I can’t believe he answered this question in the first person! Of course you don’t need help from Kobe, you’re a washed up college basketball player out here thinking of outlandish ways to stay in the eye of the media. But maybe your son would enjoy a talk from the one of the greatest to play the game before he enters into the league. 

This guy needs to back the fuck off and let his son do his thing. He lost him a shoe deal from every major label and is just adding baggage for whichever team decides to draft him. I was completely indifferent to Lonzo prior to his Dad coming on the scene but with all of this bullshit he spews to get people to look at him is ridiculous.  It’s not right but he is making me hate Lonzo and I have no reason to hate him. He is a great player that didn’t have enough support at UCLA and can do really well in the league, IF his Dad finds some common sense and just sits down and shuts the fuck up. -( . )