Buffalo Bills confirm they are the most depressing roller coaster of a franchise to root for

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CBSsports Anquan Boldin‘s stint with the Bills didn’t last long. Less than two weeks after signing a one-year deal with the Bills, Boldin is retiring.

The news was first reported by ESPN’s Jim Trotter on Sunday night. Shortly after, Boldin released a statement through Trotter. Here’s what it said:

Football in its purest form is what we all strive for as a nation. People from all difference races, religions and backgrounds working together for one shared goal. The core values taught in football are some of the most important you can learn in life. To always be there for the guy next to you and not let your fellow man down. You do whatever it takes to make sure your brother is OK.

Football has afforded me a platform throughout my career to have a greater impact on my humanitarian work. At this time, I feel drawn to make the larger fight for human rights a priority. My life’s purpose is bigger than football.

This is such a Buffalo Bills move it almost pains me to have to write about it. Being from upstate NY, I was fortunately saved from Buffalo fandom fan by my grandma somehow being a Packers fan but living here my entire life I still manage to have a small piece of my heart set aside for this storied franchise. Just when the fan base is making some moves and attempting to start the rebuilding process for the upcoming years. BAM. The unexpected ensues and sure enough, the Buffalo fans are already looking to grab any excuse or rationalization they can find. I’m certainly not standing here pretending that Anquan Boldin was gonna be the savior that the Bills need but it’s the style of team management that is showing alterations and hopefully allowing them to compete in their conference. Making the moves to essentially trade their “best” player in Sammy Watkins and their best corner in Ronald Darby for some picks, EJ Gaines, and Jordan Matthews may not look like a good move at first glance but diving a little deeper it’s easy to see how this was more than beneficial for the Bills. Sammy was an absolute BUST of a pick in a draft that produced O’Dell Beckham, Mike Evans, and Jeff Janis all AFTER Sammy was picked, it’s pretty safe to say that Sammy Watkins is the worst pick they could have gone with. (Obviously, Janis is not at the level that the other 2 are but my Packers bias seeps in and at least we got more games out of him this year than they have with Sammy since he was drafted.) If passing up on those 2 weren’t bad enough lemme throw another wild ride your way… Jordan Matthews, the very same one the Bills just picked up with their trade of EJ Gaines, was drafted in the second round (pick 42 to be exact) in said draft. Yea. Sip that one down with some cool irony. Still thirsty? Jordan Matthews (brought in to relieve highly-sought after talent Sammy Watkins) injures himself with a chipped bone somewhere on his body. No idea where and I don’t really care, the only chip I care about is the one on your shoulder and if this is a player that take days off with a chip “injury” then he’s no player of mine. Originally thought to be a good pick up by me, it pains me to see if die in my eyes but if he’s this injury prone in the fucking preseason then I’m sure he’ll be as injury prone as Sammy was in the season and produce 0 value. Noice. 


It seems they might have noticed that they didn’t receive as much from this trade as needed and decided to pick-up and old once-was in Anquan Boldin, whose yards have been declining to the point where he is aiming for a >500 yard season this year. I mean it’s basically like trying to get out of a hole by grabbing a limpy root. Looks reliable at first, maybe enough to support your weight so you jump up and grab. Now in the back of your head somewhere you knew this thing could break but you didn’t wanna believe it. So there’s no fuckin you can be surprised when it fucking snaps and you come falling down. The guy retires after less than 2 weeks for a more humanitarian way of living. I gotta think how shitty it must have been in Buffalo for him to up and leave after less than TWO WEEKS and walk away from a $4 million dollar paycheck potentially. Like they say where there’s smoke there’s fire, maybe this is some foreshadowing for bad events in Buffalo. Boldin saw the smoke and wasn’t waiting around for the fuckin fire. There are random rumors spreading of McCoy getting traded as well so who knows what the hell is happening over in the 716 but I hope for the tailgate sake that they assemble some sort of competitive team to make this season a little respectable. Any other team’s fanbase would have died out long ago but the Bills Mafia is a loyal crazy, hardworking, group of individuals but like any fanbase… they need results. -( . )

PS. LIVE Tailgate analysis will be coming to at @SFFTit on twitter for the season opening Bills tailgate at New Era field on Sun, September 10th. Be ready for a rowdy one.

Whoever decided to insert a Chick-fil-A in the Falcons’ stadium deserves a raise


CBSSports– The Atlanta Falcons‘ new billion-dollar stadium features a Chick-fil-A, but if you’re planning to attend a Falcons home game during the upcoming season, its highly unlikely you’ll be able to eat there. That’s because the Chick-fil-A won’t even be open.

That’s right. The Chick-fil-A inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium won’t be made available to Falcons fans because none of its locations are allowed to be open on Sundays. 

That’s according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

The franchise famous for its chicken sandwich is closed on Sundays, and only one of the team’s eight home games isn’t on a Sunday — a Thursday night matchup against the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 7.

A source said the digital signage in the Chick-fil-A stand will be flipped when the stand is closed and it will be used by stadium concessionaire Levy to sell other nonbranded food and beverage items.

Let’s start by stating 2 facts. 1) NFL games, of which the Atlanta Falcons are a part of, are played on Sundays are the most part. 2) Chick-fil-A is a very religious food chain and is closed on the Sabbath, otherwise known as Sunday. So from these statements, it becomes quite clear to even the most pea-brained of individuals that this business is flawed from jump street. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of the boardroom in which this partnership was formed. I can imagine it would consist of the Falcons management just feeling most gleeful about their sparkly new stadium and seeing as Chick-fil-A (CFA) is one of the most popular food-chains in the South (if not the world if they were to expand) they thought this plan would go off without a hitch. Im sure all the rich fucks in the suits never had a bite of CFA in their life and were completely unaware that they weren’t even open on the day that they hold tens of thousands of people in their stadium. Meanwhile the CFA reps are sitting there, biting their tongues, waiting to sign the contract, before they burst out in cheers realizing they just stole a contract from this stadium. They have ONE home game that is not on a Sunday. They literally signed up to be open a stand at one game…Chick-fil_A: 1 Mercedes-Benz Stadium: 0. This stadium is well over the top for a team that made it to the Super Bowl for the first time in a while and got absolutely cucked by Belichick and his merry band of phenoms. They are on a high right now and over the next few years, with a lack of production I’m sure will ensue, they will be scrambling like the Falcons we’ve known for so long. -( . )

The Long Con: The Story of Jon Gruden


Reports are circulating that Jon Gruden is looking/considering getting back into the coaching game. According to ProFootballTalk he is quoted as saying “I’ve met with several people — I won’t deny that, just about every year I talk about coming back to coach. I’m not in here every day at 4:30 or 4:00 in the morning watching pinball, you know? I’m preparing myself to come back. I am. Every day. I’m preparing to come back.”This doesnt really give clarity to what his future plans are or if he has been trying to get back in the league for years perhaps but hasnt able to attract the attention of any coaching staffs?. If i am a football owner or gm and I see these reports coming out I am immediately contacting J. Grud. All of this press/media shit he has done the last couple of years has literally just been building him up for a coaching comeback. His”Gruden Grinders” let everyone know that he has that eye for a player that will work hard and grind his way to a starting spot. Recruiting coordinator. Check. He does his QB camps where he literally spends hours going over game film of on-the-come-up qb’s and then has the opportunity to talk and critique these young up-and-coming quarterbacks. Basically, build a rapport with these quarterbacks and telling them how to be successful. QB coach/ QB recruiter. Check. I mean this man has already been a head coach for 2 teams and brought back a USper Bowl Championship so i think we can safely assume he has somewhat of an idea on how to run a successful team but these post-coaching activities still can serve as a great tool to assist an already intimdiating coach. Im just here giving a stay woke alert (h/t Caleb Pressley of Young & Happy of Barstool Sports) that everyone should look to Jon Gruden being the next hot commodity in the NFL. AND THEN THERES COLLEGE. This man can give Saban And Urban Meyer a run for their money with 2 years of control of his own team. Throw him down there in FAU and bump Lane to his assistant. Maybe its bound to end like his tenure at Bama but maybe, just maybe, they unite to form the ultimate coaching duo and go on to lead FAU to multiple national championships and being the recruiting powerhouse they could be. Maybe a trip back to the rising Oakland Raiders? I can only hope. Who knows?I sure as hell dont but im just ready for the future. -( . )


Aaron Rodgers hooks it up for an entire class and cancels their final


Source– Want to get out of your final exam? Ask Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. That’s what a student named Peyton Meyer of Janesville, Iowa, did, and Rodgers obliged.  The class made a deal with its teacher, Laura Roberts, who is a Rodgers fan, that a retweet from the quarterback would cancel the final in a sports literature class made up of high school juniors and seniors in the Janesville Consolidated School District.

“We were talking about the news in sports like we do every day, and she mentioned that a student at another school tweeted at Kobe Bryant. Meyer told ESPN. “We asked if we could do the same, and we know she loves Aaron, so that’s why we picked him.”

A high school senior in Indiana got Bryant to retweet his request Thursday, getting his class out of a final exam.

Another great product of the internet and twitter is apparently the ability to effect kid’s grades in school. Pretty sure this is a bad image for the school and the education system there if a teacher is willing to cancel a final exam because an athlete retweeted a tweet but as a Green Bay fan and a mediocre student I appreciate the hell out of this lady. She is such a big Rodgers fan that she agreed to cancel a final exam if the class could get a retweet which is incredible. And Rodgers, being the beast that he is, decided to bless the kids and give a shoutout to cancel their final. Though this is just a bullshit high school Sports Literature course so I’m sure the final would have been mostly common sense and general knowledge anyways, pretty great on these kids that they dont even have to think about it though. Sidenote: Interesting precedent this sets as to where this stops. It’s up to the teachers (the smart ones) to put an end to this before people start expecting to get things that they want based on responses from social media. These kids snuck away with on an enamored fan/teacher but if this catches on I have no hope for America. -( . )

Manziel, Kaepernick, & RGIII belong to one CFL team in genius move by Tiger-Cats


Source– In these carefree spring days, the dominant NFL story revolves around a trio of well-known quarterbacks who appear unwanted and unloved. And so we’re left to consider this previously reported development: One team in the Canadian Football League has hoarded the rights to all of them. 

By CFL rules, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats would have the first shot at signing Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III and/or Johnny Manziel if any of them decide to play in Canada. The Tiger-Cats have placed all three on their “negotiation list,” the CFL’s method for allocating international players, and Manziel has even been used as part of a fledging marketing campaign.

There are no indications that any of the trio is ready to make the jump to a league in which the minimum salary is about $40,000. Remember, Vince Young signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders — reportedly for about $89,000 annually — only after spending five years away from the NFL. And the Tiger-Cats already have one of the CFL’s most established starting quarterbacks in Zach Collaros, a former University of Cincinnati star who turns 29 this summer. But the organization recently began publicizing some of the names on what is ordinarily a confidential list, highlighting Manziel specifically in a video released to VIP fans. And Young’s migration reminded the football world that careers don’t have to end when NFL teams stop calling. “We think Zach is the most dynamic quarterback in our league,” Tiger-Cats CEO Scott Mitchell said. “He’s aware of how important he is to us, but at quarterback, you can never have enough. If Johnny Manziel ever felt that the CFL was an option, I think we all understand he would have great value and what kind of player he could be in our league.”

ABSOLUTE GENIUSES. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have claimed the rights to Johnny Football, RGIII and Colin Kap in case they ever decide to go to the CFL because the NFL has banished them figuratively. Granted the salaries aren’t as high in the CFL but if it’s between getting a real job or playing football for close to 6 figs minimum I am down, 100 and 50 fucking percent. I think anyone would be, you mean I can play a game and make as much as I would be staring at a computer and dying in these spreadsheets? Count me in. 

If I was a CFL team I would be claiming everybody that gets scandaled out of the NFL or doesnt perform up to their expected standards. It doesn’t hurt you to claim them and you have legal dibs on them if they ever decide to come to the North Country. That’s a  no brainer and kudos to this team for figuring out the system. But on the other hand, why the fuck are they going around telling everyone who they’ve claimed? Usually, they are kept private but this team is just telling everyone who they got rights on. Maybe other teams will catch on and start claiming rights but also maybe one of these QBs see’s this and thiinks about going up to Canada when they hadnt really considered it before? Hmm, only time will tell. -( . )



There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of interviews with Gisele


Gisele was being interviewed by Charlie Rose and was asked if she wants Tom Brady to retire. She subtlely skirted the question and went on to say that football is not the most “unaggressive sport”. She also goes on to say that Tom has suffered concussions throughout the years which everyone heard and just fucking ran with. He never has sat out with a concussion yet she tells us he suffers them every year? Maybe this can help explain the slave labor system that is utilized by the Patriots franchise in that they force Brady to play every game whether he is 100% or not. But for anyone that has ever played a form of competitive football, this comes as no surprise. Players suffer a concussion every game with varying severity but obviously they are not gonna report every single one and sit out but come on Gisele, you gotta know to keep it hush hush when you’re on the main stage. This is the exact reason you never hear or see her being interviewed. She would be out here blowing all of Tom’s secrets and he’d be stuck cleaning up her mess. I’m sure Tom keeps her on a tight leash with the media but kudos to her for sneaking through the electric fence and dropping a bomb for the sports writers. -( . )

ESPN using Joe Mixon to get views for a pointless article

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ESPN– Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon is one of 40 players who will attend the NFL Players Association’s Rookie Premiere event later this week in Los Angeles. The players’ union released the list of participants, which also includes Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, on Monday.

The event takes place Thursday through Saturday and will help the rookies “learn the business of football,” according to the NFLPA’s announcement.The Bengals have been criticized for using the 48th overall draft pick on Mixon, who was shown on camera punching a woman in the face and fracturing her jaw during his freshman year at Oklahoma in 2014. Mixon, who recently settled his civil suit with the woman, was considered a first-round talent but slid to Day 2 of the draft.

I hope, when initially reading this article, you are as disgusted with ESPN as I am. They are literally writing about a rookie event in which over 40 rookies are attending, including the SECOND OVERALL PICK. But now, they dont put Mitchell’s name in the headline, they put Joe Mixon’s just so they can bring up the off-field issues he has had in the past. Get the fuck outta here, he has been harassed by every outlet known to man and still overcame that adversity to be drafted very highly. Now you’re gonna continue to bring up this stain on his record time and time again? What the fuck is the point in that? Picking up some view? Well I hope people think like I do and see you for the piece of shit you’re being ESPN. How would you like it if everytime you were mentioned it was accompanied with a reminder of every Curt Schilling tweet or Neil Goldberg story or ESPN frat house story orgy…? Yea the list goes on and you’re no fucking saint either. You could have started this with “2nd Overall Pick Attends Rookie Premiere” but no, you wanted to use Joe Mixon’s name to pick up some curious views and have some easy content to write about. Fuck that. Shame. Shame, Shame ESPN.     -( . )